How to create your own FLONS API file

There are only 7 simple steps to create your own API file:

  1. Call up the API generator.
  2. Fill in the information about your community in the form and press "OK - generate...". Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. The more information you enter, the better.
  3. Your results will be displayed on the right hand side. If information is missing or fields are incorrectly filled, you will see it marked under the text box. Fill in or correct the information and generate the API file again.
  4. Save the content of the text box to a text file on your computer or press the download button.
  5. Upload the file created under point 4. to the Internet on to your web space, in your content management system or wiki. You will need a link to that file.
  6. The link must be added to the API directory.
  7. Create a pull request :)